Why Cersei is missing in the GOT Season 8 Trailer

Why Cersei is missing in the GOT Season 8 Trailer

Cersei, which is played by Lena Headey is one of the most admired and strong characters in Game of Thrones. The queen of Westeros has gone through the shades of light and dark time to time. But she has emerged as one of the most strong survivors of all times. As she is known among the fans, she refuses to go and has emerged strongly even when compared to her male counterparts.

Game of Thrones seasons 8 Trailer

But she was not seen in GOT season 8 trailer. Well, when all of us were busy figuring out the hidden messages behind the statues there was something deep and extremely important running through Cersei’s mind. Well, what was it?

Game Of Thrones Season 8 Release Date

Game of Thrones seasons 8 might be some months away from us. The First episode of GOT Season 8 airs on April 14. But fans believe that it will ultimately be Cersei who will save Westeros from the white walkers.

Why? Well we have got answer to that. You might recall the iconic episode when Cersei shared with Jamie that she is pregnant with her child. We all thought that she is lying in order to ask Jamie to stay with her at King’s landings. But this might be the ultimate savior tip.

Cersie Sacrifice her young Baby

We have seen earlier young babies are accepted by white walkers as scarifies. And may be Cersei decides to hand over her young baby to white walkers in order to save her kingdom.
Well, this will be ultimate and we definitely bow down to the ultimate king for her great sacrifice.
We all can only wait for the final episodes to be aired in April 14.

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